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The American Association of Christian Counselors

Every day, more leaders are collapsing due to the lack of accountability and support. This program is a solution to a long-existing problem in the corporate world.

Daniel Grothe

New Life Church

Without a doubt, CLERA is the missing piece for enriching leadership’s health and integrity and providing professional counseling support for any organization that really cares.

Mike Newsome

Toyota Motors

I’ve been desperate for a program like CLERA. It will revolutionize my company, and it’s a purposeful way to add value and empower my staff.

Ray Lopez-Lima Levi

President, Abitos

CLERA quickly identifies your team's opportunities for growth, development, unity, and productivity in...

Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability

The lack of attention to this critical aspect of individual mental health often taints leadership roles. Leaders can easily let everyday busyness steal the opportunity to prioritize their emotional health.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Spirituality plays an essential role in all humans. Nourishing leaders spiritually will allow them to optimize their productivity, make better decisions, and be more energetic at work.

Relational Intimacy

Relational Intimacy

Relationships are extensions of who we are as individuals. Whether single or married with children, leaders must create a balance between work and the people they value. The skills to work well with people in their community need to be developed. 

Sexual Integrity

Sexual Integrity

Sexuality defines the core of our integrity. Healthy leaders must grow to reconcile their sexual brokenness and identify unwanted sexual behavioral patterns to optimize their integrity and commitment to themselves and the organization.

Accountability has never been easier...

Step 1: Evaluate
Step 2: Engage
Step 3: Evolve
Step 1: Evaluate

Step 1:


Register and prep your organization to take the CLERA. We'll work together to make sure everyone's included and knows what to do. 
Register and prep your organization to take the CLERA. We'll work together to make sure everyone's included and knows what to do. 
Step 2: Engage

Step 2:


We'll provide you with a comprehensive summary of your staff's health, including opportunities for struggling individuals to connect with professionals ready to help.
Step 3: Evolve

Step 3:


Take the necessary action to launch your organization onto the exciting journey toward healthy leadership. Your team will feel enriched and supported.

Fully customized support to meet your staff where they are...

We know what it’s like to feel unproductive, trapped, sinking, and unheard.

Our staff is waiting to answer all of your questions and get you started on this proven and personal journey to proper emotional, relational, spiritual, and sexual health, experiencing sustainable integrity and success!

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